7 Creative and Inexpensive Lemon Theme Ideas for Classroom Decor

ideas for classroom decor lemon wreath posters canvas print

Are you looking for ideas for classroom decor for the upcoming school year? As classroom teachers, we spend a good part of our summer scrolling through Pinterest trying to find that perfect decor for our classroom. If you are looking for some new ideas for classroom decoration that add a vibrant, refreshing, happy feel to your classroom, you’ve come to the right place. Why not try a trendy lemon theme? The possibilities are endless! I am going to share some easy, creative ideas for classroom decoration with a lemon twist that are SUPER CUTE, but will not break the bank. Below, I will show you step-by-step how to implement these creative and inexpensive lemon theme ideas for classroom decor.

Before I get into sharing, I have something for you. If you are interested in using any of these lemon theme ideas listed below and want to follow along as you read this post, I have just what you need.

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What are some lemon theme ideas for classroom decorations for teachers to use without spending a lot of money? 

1. DIY No Sew Pillows with Dollar Tree Placemats and Kitchen Towels

lemon no sew pillows

If you want to create a cozy, homey, atmosphere in your classroom, try adding pillows to your reading area, a window seat, or simply on a rug. Not only will pillows brighten up a reading area, students will also be motivated to read because they get to sit on or lean against the pillows. I found these beautiful lemon themed placemats at the Dollar Tree. With the price of each placemat being $1.00, I was able to make these throw pillows without spending much money at all. Additionally, I made some pillows using lemon print kitchen towels that I purchased from the Dollar Tree. 

Materials Needed:

  • placemats from the Dollar Tree (two placemats per pillow)
  • hot glue gun
  • bag of fiber fill or you can use filling from an old pillow that you might have already

Steps for making these ADORABLE lemon pillows:

  1. Put two placemats back to back with printed sides facing each other and the yellow sides on the outside.
  2. Hot glue the edges of the placemats on three sides and half of one side leaving a small opening.
  3. Fill the opening with fiber fill until it is as full as you want your pillow.
  4. Hot glue the opening shut. 

I found this video showing the steps to make this pillow. Instead of using two placemats per pillow, the person in this video used one placemat and a piece of fabric.

Check out the video here: DIY DOLLAR TREE CUTE LEMON PILLOW.

VOILA! You have a gorgeous pillow that matches your lemon theme classroom! Repeat these same steps using lemon themed kitchen towels from the Dollar Tree.

 2. Lemon Door Hanger or Wreath with Dollar Tree Pizza Pan

lemon pizza pan wreath

Have you priced the cost of a door hanger or wreath lately? They are really expensive! Why not make your own to match your lemon classroom decor? This is a really fun and easy project that is very inexpensive. Most of the items can be bought at the Dollar Tree. When I was making this, I couldn’t help but think how this project would be perfect for older students, maybe fourth grade and up, to make for a Mother’s Day gift or a summer school craft. 

Materials Needed:

  1. 12” Pizza Pan from Dollar Tree
  2. Acrylic Paint – White, Yellow, and Black (I got mine from Amazon -Apple Barrel Brand)
  3. Brushes from Dollar Tree
  4. Burlap Ribbon (Tan and Aqua/Teal Color) from Dollar Tree
  5. Yellow Ribbon from Dollar Tree
  6. Button (I used a button I already had.)
  7. Masking Tape
  8. Jute String 

Steps for making this FUN lemon door hanger:

  1. Paint the entire pizza pan white and let dry. Apply one more coat and let dry.
  2. Print out two pages of the “Lemon Pizza Pan Door Hanger Template” and follow the instructions. Click here to grab the free template.
  3. After cutting out the template, tape the two halves together to form the lemon shape. 
  4. Use masking tape to tape the template to the pizza pan covering the exposed pizza pan between the lemon slice and the outer edges. 
  5. Paint the inside lemon sections and the outer edge of the pizza pan yellow. Remove the template and allow paint to dry.
  6. Paint strokes of white paint inside the yellow lemon sections to resemble the pulp and let dry. 
  7. Use stencil and black paint to add the word “welcome” to the pizza pan. Click here to get the same stencil I used from Hobby Lobby. You could freehand the phrase or print out a phrase on paper using a stencil font, cut it out, and paint the letters. If you have a Cricut or Silhouette Machine, you could cut out vinyl letters to apply. 
  8. Use ribbon to make the bow. I used a bread twisty tie to tie the ribbon in the middle. Next, I hot glued a button in the middle of the bow. I spray painted a button that I already had.
  9. Hot glue the bow and jute string hanger on to the pizza pan. Ribbon will work as well for the hanger. 

There you have it! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

3. Posters with Lemon Quotes in Dollar Tree Frames

posters with lemon quotes

Looking for ideas for classroom decor for your classroom walls? Add some extra ZEST to your classroom walls with this inexpensive idea. Rather than just printing and laminating posters to hang on your classroom wall, why not place your posters in a photo frame? Purchase frames at the Dollar Tree for just $1.00 and place your printed posters in the frame. This gives the poster a more polished, finished look. Frames can be hung on the walls of the classrooms or can stand on a bookshelf, desk, or countertop. 

Grab the free posters in the photo above here!

4. Lemon Canvas Prints

ideas for classroom decor lemon canvas

Using real lemons and paint to make canvas prints to hang on your walls or place on countertops or shelves can give some variety to your lemon theme decor. This is such a simple, fun project! Kids will love to make these for the classroom! Lemon quotes can be painted on the canvas, or can be cut out of vinyl with a Silhouette or Cricut machine. 

Materials Needed:

Steps for making lemon canvas prints: 

  1. Cut lemons in half.
  2. Press the lemon with the cut side down in yellow paint on a paper plate.
  3. Press lemon with paint onto canvas.
  4. Repeat the process to place lemon prints all over the canvas.
  5. Allow plenty of time to dry.
  6. Paint or place vinyl letters on canvas.

5. Lemon Themed Banners and Letters Everywhere

ideas for classroom decor lemon themed banners and letters

Banners are so easy to make as well as can really enhance your classroom decor. Hang banners all over your classroom…on the walls, bulletin boards, cabinets, the front of your desk, etc. 

Some ideas for different types of banners include:

  • Printed out bunting banners on paper or cardstock. Make your own bunting banners on PowerPoint by inserting shapes onto the slides. Print and cut out banners to hang.
  • Print out large letters on colored cardstock and cut out rectangular shapes to hang together as a banner. 
  • Make a fabric garland banner out of lemon themed fabric. 
  • Create a paper lemon garland banner
  • Put together a paper plate lemon bunting.

Use enlarged letters to spell out words or phrases and hang on the classroom wall or bulletin boards. Choose thick, chunky fonts and make the size big enough for one letter to cover most of a page.  Laminate and cut out the letters. Finally, hot glue or tape to walls or staple to bulletin boards. 

Check out my free lemon themed banner and lemon themed letters here!

6. Bins from Dollar Tree

bins from dollar tree

I found these plain white bins at the Dollar Tree that are perfect for a classroom library, student lockers, or storage for classroom supplies. These bins are available in several different colors. Using bins is an amazingly inexpensive way for you to stay organized. Attach lemon themed labels to categorize or identify contents in the bins. 

Grab these free library labels pictured above here!

7. Bulletin Board Trim

Lastly, be creative and think outside the box when it comes to bulletin board trim. Here are some simple inexpensive items to use to make your lemon themed trim.

  • Use lemon themed or yellow ribbon.
  • Use Scrunchy Border made out of bulletin board paper. 
  • Lemon garland makes gorgeous trim. If you can’t find garland with lemons already attached, make your own. Check out this DIY Faux Lemon Garland Video.

I hope these ideas for classroom decor are helpful to you! If you are looking for more creative ideas for classroom decor, check out my Lemon Farmhouse Classroom Decor Bundle. Click on the image below to find out more!

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